2014 Review

3rd Biennial Meeting | June 25-27 2014

The 3rd Biennial Meeting which took place from June 25-27, 2014 in Oberwesel again proved to be an inspiring event for the rmn2 Neuroscience Community. Topics of this year’s meeting were Resilience, Contextual Control of Neural Computation, Empirical Aesthetics, The Physiological Role of APP, Neural Homeostasis, Neurogenetics and Autism. More than 300 participants appreciated the talks of the invited speakers; outstanding research was presented to an extremely high standard.

The feedback from those who attended the lectures as well as the social events was overwhelmingly positive. So we are looking forward to the 4th Biennial Meeting in 2016 (June 22-24).

Programm of the 3rd Biennial Meeting PDF for download