LOEWE Schwerpunkt

Center for Personalized Translational Epilepsy Research

The state government of Hessen is funding the “LOEWE Schwerpunkt,” led by the Epilepsy Centre at the University Hospital Frankfurt, with 4.7 million euros between 2018 and 2021.
Epilepsies represent a pathogenetically and clinically heterogeneous group of diseases for which only relatively non-specific and symptomatically effective therapies are available. Many patients do not become seizure-free or suffer from treatment-related side effects. In order to improve the success of therapy, a personalized and, if possible, disease-modifying, instead of only symptomatic treatment is necessary.

In the coming years, the goals of the scientists involved are the identification and validation of epileptic-relevant disease factors, their therapeutic modification and the identification and validation of biomarkers of epilepsy and epileptogenesis. These goals are to be achieved with state-of-the-art molecular biological, clinical and experimental neuroscientific methods available to the LOEWE research network “CePTER”.

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