RTG 1044

Research Training Group RTG 1044 “Developmental and disease-induced modifications in the nervous system”


Neuropathological changes reactivate genetically determined programs and activity-dependent processes that occur during the normal early development of the organism. This central idea is dealt with in the DFG Research Training Group 1044 “Development and disease-induced modifications of the nervous system” using various model organisms, including humans, and by using the latest molecular biology, cell physiological and clinical techniques, including imaging procedures.

In the category “ontogeny of the nervous system” mechanisms of cell migration, synaptogenesis, axonal growth and axon-glia interactions are investigated. In the category “Neurodegeneration and Regeneration” the molecular basis of pathophysiological processes are analyzed for acute and progressive neuronal damage, while also considering development-related processes, for example, apoptosis . One objective of this sub-area is, among others, the development of new therapeutic strategies. Clinical aspects  of the molecular biology of the GABAA receptor to functional imaging are examined in the sub-area “Sensory function and dysfunction”.  Interactions and collaborations between these three areas should enable both new approaches and new interdisciplinary degree programs to be realized.

Scientific and medical PhD students, as part of a lecture series, a guest colloquium, an annual work meeting, various theoretical and practical training sessions and a content and methodologically broad education in neuroscience. A close-contact and continuous support program throughout the research phase ensures rapid and high quality training. The aim is to promote residencies in partner laboratories in addition to the research-oriented education.


Funding period: 2004 – 2013


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