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Review of the Biennial Meetings 2014 and 2012

The last biennial meeting of the rmn² took place from June 25 to 27, 2014 in Oberwesel more

Get some impressions of the biennial meeting 2012 here

Prof. Dr. Helmuth Steinmetz new speaker of rmn²

Prof. Dr. Helmuth Steinmetz (a clinical neuroscientist, Frankfurt) takes over this position from Prof. Dr. Robert Nitsch (a basic neuroscientist, Mainz). This election reflects the rmn² policy of Frankfurt-Mainz cooperation and the cross-disciplinary approach between basic and clinical neuroscience.

MD/PhD-PhD Program in Translational Biomedicine

The recently established MD/PhD-PhD Program in Translational Biomedicine for Medical and Natural Science Graduates at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz within FTN/rmn² is a structured training program which combines biomedical and translational research with clinical training elements.  

Currently Available Positions

If you’d like to join the rmn² community, we encourage you to look at our currently advertised positions:


The Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (Prof. Christian Fiebach) offers three research positions

PhD / Diploma / Master student positions. Signaling mechanisms governing stem cells